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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Happy New 2009 Year, dear friends! We wish you love, happiness and success!


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My School.

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Usually I show you mostly my vacations and leisure. But this time take a look at a very important part of my life: the University. And of course I’d like to brag about the first neoprene coat ever made!!! It’s mine! :D

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Sunny Santorini: Morning Exercises.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Fresh morning air, chilly pool water, bright sun, and, of course, some latex!

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Sunny Santorini: Fishnet Rocks!

Monday, October 27th, 2008

There is a beautiful cliff near our neighbouring town, Kamari. It’s been real fun to take a climb encased in two layers of flesh-toned hose: classic shiny and fishnets.

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Yellow Leaves.

Monday, October 20th, 2008

It’s autumn in Moscow again. I’m submerged in studies as usual. One of my latest achievements is mathematical model of ITER (the largest tokamak in world)! So I can play with any kind of thermonuclear energy and plasma synthesis on my desktop computer! Mwahaha!

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Sunny Santorini: The Day After…

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Isn’t it wonderful to find yourself getting up on a luxurious sofa by the pool, caressed by first rays of the rising sun.

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Sunny Santorini: Feeling orange.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Unlike those whitewashed tiny houses built on caldera cliffs, the outer side of the island is pretty much like a regular European coastal town. It’s a nice idea to grab a bottle of refreshment and take a walk along a narrow street.

P.S. Regarding the question what is better worn with tights – skirts or shorts – I say: string bikini!

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Sunny Santorini: Red Rocks of Oia.

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Santorini is famous for its geological structure. For example, red rocks on the north are really beautiful and unusual seeing. There is the nicest town of the island, Oia, built on those cliffs.

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Sunny Santorini: Checkered Pin-Up Sunset.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

One of the main objects of note on Santorini is its incredible sunset. A beautiful place to watch it is Imerovigli, a lovely town situated near ancient anti-piracy dungeon :)

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Sunny Santorini: Refreshing!

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The heat on this island is so eternal, so it’s always pleasant to take a jump into the pool and then have a shake.

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