Sunny Santorini: The Day After…

Isn’t it wonderful to find yourself getting up on a luxurious sofa by the pool, caressed by first rays of the rising sun.

Photographer: Billy (

8 Responses to “Sunny Santorini: The Day After…”

  1. Costumefan Says:

    Gasp! Red hot Aurora! I love it when you wear accessories, such as stockings, over a zentai suit.

    This suit looks completely perfect on you…absolutely skin tight, without a single wrinkle….and no zip visible (to my old eyes!). Is it venus style, with the only entry via the thigh/crotch?

    Maybe you’ll do a shoot some day showing how you dress up in a venus-style suit? Would be just wonderful to see your transformation process…no nudity required, of course!

  2. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Я думаю, что еще более удивительным было, выйдя утром к бассейну, увидеть такую картину :)

    Солнце было все же высоко и на восход не совсем похоже :) Если бы чуть раньше, когда свет еще имеет розовый окрас – это должно было точнее передать происходящее.

  3. VanMan Says:

    Very sexy outfit you have on there. Once I can, I’ll buy a new membership to Billy’s gallery and view the newest stuff.

  4. NylonZentai Says:

    Wow, nice! I just love seeing you in zentai, Aurora. I think I’m going to buy
    another membership too.I just have to see the whole set. And other sets of course.

  5. TCPickle Says:

    RED HOT SMOKING as always!

  6. Piotr lempica Says:

    I like the last one, good light & colours, good pose…

  7. pixelscan Says:

    Terrific set – the layering of monochromatic elements (like the dress, stocking, wig, and shoes) is one of the most arousing features to me. The single color theme evokes a standard of completeness and thoroughness that I really find attractive. I agree with Piotr lempica that the last image is good, but my favorite is santorred2. I just like how you’re slouched seemingly effortlessly, gazing into the sun – I think it makes the best use of light and shadow. And both images do a great job contrasting you against the surrounding environment. The first image resembles something we might witness unexpectedly from a nearby hotel room – what a treat!

  8. zentai.carl Says:

    Always looking good in Zentai!! The colour is really good. Thanks for the show.

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