Sunny Santorini: Refreshing!

The heat on this island is so eternal, so it’s always pleasant to take a jump into the pool and then have a shake.

Photographer: Billy (

6 Responses to “Sunny Santorini: Refreshing!”

  1. VanMan Says:

    Talk about doing the Nestea Plunge! (Look it up on Google or Wikipedia for the reference.)

  2. NylonZentai Says:

    Love the jump in the pool :) What’s the drink?

  3. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Здорово! Мне нравится мокрая одежда :D
    Жаль что на второй фотографии колготки сливаются с телом и лишь рисунок их выдает.

  4. Costumefan Says:

    Cooling off in full evening dress….love it! And your long white gloves are just adorable!

  5. pragman Says:

    Последняя реально хорошая.
    Мне нравится.

  6. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi Aurora,
    Nothing seams to stop you from doing what comes naturally. Take a jump in the pool with a full dress. How does it feel to be without limitations? It sure looks good to us onlookers! Billy knows how to capture it with his camera. Enjoy the good times. Still like to take a look in your wardrobe with all those sex zentai costumes together with Billy’s camera.

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