Anyone Has His Own Way to Lenity.

Yesterday I took part in a very unusual happening – Charity Striptease Night.

A small restaurant in the center of Moscow hosted a public musical feast of unused clothing delivery to the Fair Help Fund devoted to help homeless people. First time in history we converted an act of adult entertainment into bright social act of help and support! And first time ever, striptease helped to not unclothe but to coat and warm hundreds of poor people and possibly save some lives in Russian frosts. Dismanled guests were warmed up by the show and some hot drinks sponsored by the restaurant company. The show was maintained by StylishFetish team and “The Powder” dance ensemble.

Photographer: Billy (

4 Responses to “Anyone Has His Own Way to Lenity.”

  1. VanMan Says:

    Am I correct to assume that you’re in all the zentai? How much was raised/donated during this event? It’s nice to see you helping to give back to the Moscow community.

  2. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi there!
    Well good show in two ways, fun and helping out at the same time.
    Nice to see some photos of good looking Zentai dressed bodies.
    Enjoy the fun!

  3. Costumefann Says:

    Looking sensational in these perfectly fitting zentai suits I wonder if you remained anonymous throughout, or if you revealed yourself….
    I love the photo of you being interviewed while still completely encased – are there any clips you could put on u-tube?

  4. pixelscan Says:

    Aurora! I just found your most recent update, and I can only say that I am in love.

    You would have had me in zentai alone. But, you went several steps further, looking adorable in turtlenecks, sealing yourself inside a suitcase, showing off your dancing skills, and speaking to us for the first time ever – providing wonderful videos to preserve those memories. You have outdone even your best work so far! (And I even spotted Billy in one of the photographs.)

    If I were to pick a favorite image, I would choose dl5.jpg, where you are being interviewed while wearing the dark reflective suit. Somehow the grid pattern in the suit emphasizes the stretchiness. But also, the bizarre contrast of your featureless silhouette in front of the camera, lights and microphone, accompanied by your soft, feminine, but assertive voice is such an amazing rush to see. It’s a new aspect of you that we’re only allowed to appreciate now after all these years.

    What an amazing event – and to know that it benefited people in need makes it so much more admirable – if Doctor Liza organized it, then she is a genius. (If only I could convince the local restaurants in my area to host such events.) I probably would have given the clothing off my back to be there, and I genuinely hope the StylishFetish team and the Powder dancers continue to participate in future events like this (and share them with us).

    We sincerely love you, Аврора!

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