Hello, Halloween.

Dear beloved friends! I’m glad to greet you with the shiny Halloween day. Despite this holiday is not widely celebrated here in Russia, I’d love to please you with a few pictures of my new Spider Rubber Dress that I took in a destroyed Soviet bunker.
Hope you are scared well! Boo!

Photographer: Billy (StylishFetish.com).

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  1. pixelscan Says:

    Very nice photographs, Aurora! What strikes me the most about them is the strong use of light and shadow.

    I really like digger1.jpg, where we see you in pure silhouette – it perfectly accents the female form. The structural ribs of the bunker look almost organic. The way the light casts shadows on the ground gives it the feel of an alien setting.

    And the reflections of your dress in digger2.jpg really highlight the use of rubber. The clean, smooth, clinical lines of your body contrast well with the dirty, industrial surroundings. I especially like how the strong light casts a long shadow to the wall behind. It lengthens your legs, perched atop the platform heels, making them very spider-like.

    Then, in digger3.jpg, we get a clear view of the spider, and the red coloration on the dress front – which could be natural for the black widow, or perhaps something more sinister splattered across your chest. You hold the flashlight almost like a microphone, introducing us to your world. That quirky smirk on your face leaves us wondering whether we’re happy to be there, or perhaps frightened of what’s to come next.

    Thank you so much Aurora! Although Halloween isn’t celebrated as widely in Russia, we’re glad you took some time to indulge in the spirit, and share the beautiful results with us.

  2. VanMan Says:

    I was almost wanting to see the double red triangle of the black widow spider on the front of your dress. These photos look great! Need more of your and Billy’s works!

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