My latest vacation took place in Greece – the country I visited several times before. This time it was Zakynthos, the tiny island in the Ionic sea. Here you can see me strolling along the main street of Zakynthos, the capital of this beautiful piece of Earth.

Photographer: Billy (

3 Responses to “Skyblue.”

  1. Like Ra Says:

    White. So innocent.

  2. Costumefann Says:

    Great to see you out and about in costume again and looking gorgeous in another perfectly fitting suit.

    Would be great to see some (tasteful!) shots some time showing how you get all dressed up to transform yourself from Aurora to a mysterious damsel in zentai….

  3. twilight Says:

    This shoot is once again, awesome. I can see that you have a lot of appreciation for the countries around the Mediterranean especially Egypt, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Am I the only one, unlucky to not catching you somewhere in Greece, while these unfortunate human beings at Zakynthos have the sheer luck of seeing you in person? Oh well, thats life!

    Aurora, one more thing. I assume you read all the comments and I assume you appreciate our feedback. I assume you accept critisism, as well. While comments on the posts are not many and certainly not lost in the wilderness of your wordpress blog, why not answer back, on those you see fit, at least? I understand that you dont have time, with your studies, but its only five comments so far. In the beginning you did and now, comments are just piling up with no answer back. I will like to ask you for example when this shoot would be available on your main site and if you plan on providing higher quality images of at least 6MPs.

    Thank you Aurora and Billy for all these years for your astonishing work and the interaction we may have.

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