Abandoned Hope.

Sometimes things happen this way… She’s waiting – and He’s not coming over… and over again.

Photographer: Billy (StylishFetish.com).

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  1. nbf Says:

    yeeeesss !!! it’s a real pleasure to see you again ! One year i go on your blog EACH day ! really cool ! and hope you will add video on your youtube account too ;) please add me on yahoo messenger to chat ! nylonbagface@yahoo.fr

    and congratulations for your job ;)

    nbf from france :D

  2. gakwy Says:

    I am glad to see you are back Ms. Zentai. Congrats on your degree! Here is a rose for you @—>—.
    Your new body looks lovely. I would love to touch your hand to see how soft your skin feels. I hope you have good ideas planned. Are you open to taking new ideas? Do your zentai doll girlfriends know you are back?
    Your friend,

  3. pixelscan Says:

    Oh, we’ve waited so long for this, Aurora – and you’ve returned with a powerhouse concept. So simple, but so elegant and visually flattering.

    The theme I derive from this is distance and isolation. That could be miles across an ocean, maybe footsteps across a dance floor, or it could be just a millimeter of spandex. The questions it raises are: why has she abandoned hope? Has she lost hope in him, or in herself? And most importantly, have events beyond her control caused her to give up? Or has she willingly chosen to distance and isolate herself – sealing herself inside of a shell?

    The “look” on your face in cypabandon1.jpg is so perfect. The blank eyes coupled with your suggestive posture really enforce the concept of waiting… longing… and hoping. We can almost feel time passing as we view it. The photos look like they were taken near sunset, as the last few drops of light slip away, carrying her hope with them. The muted, faded colors give the images a melancholy feel. And, cypabandon3.jpg is genius – almost depicting how life springs from despair as plants rise in her footsteps. That trail leads us to believe that she will always retain a glimmer of hope.

    It’s a really passionate set, open to lots of interpretations – but I think it easily captures what we’ve all been feeling over the past year without you. (And, I’d like to read anyone else’s interpretation too, if they’re willing to share. It might inspire Aurora to create a follow-up series depicting the return of hope. hint-hint)

    (We’ve missed you dearly, Aurora! Welcome back!)

  4. Like Ra Says:

    Фото: Марат Васнецоф :-D

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