Caught drawing.

I’m deeply immersed into studies right now as I said before. Well, with little breaks when someone catches me with the camera. :)

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  1. VanMan Says:

    I guess you do just about EVERYTHING in either Lycra or latex! Unfortunately, it looks like this number is a bit on the large size on you. Was that suit made for someone else?

  2. lui Says:

    Nice way to work !
    Maybe do I have to try working like that ;)
    ok, let’s go !

  3. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Любопытные фото! Если бы еще студентки приходили на занятия в таком виде, то наверное я бы закончил не одно высшее образование :)
    Но мне кажется не очень удобным чертить в перчатках, хотя на фото это выглядит отлично.

  4. Costumefan Says:

    A lycra catsuit with built-in gloves and feet….just the perfect outfit to wear casually around the house….beautiful.

    Must be a tricky business drawing with those lovely blue gloves on, but I can see you are doing just fine! What are you designing?

  5. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, Actually, it’s not mine: you guessed right. My own home suit is under construction now :P

  6. Aurora Says:

    lui, good luck and comfy work!

  7. Aurora Says:

    CTPAHHuK, боюсь, что, если бы девушки ходили на занятия в таком виде, ты бы не закончил ни одного! :lol:
    Голая рука часто размазывает карандашные линии, и чертеж выглядит грязновато. Перчатки решают эту проблему, хотя и пачкаются сами…

  8. Aurora Says:

    Costumefan, bare skin smears the pencil lines over the drawing, making it look dirty, so gloves help a lot actually.
    The drawing is semester project I need to complete prior to exams. It describes a high pressure pump enclosure.

  9. MikkaF Says:

    начертательная геометрия 1 семестр
    разрез в изометрии еще не чертила ? :)

  10. Aurora Says:

    MikkaF, чертила, конечно. Именно в первом семестре. А сейчас вот уже третий, ваяем сборочный чертеж.

  11. VanMan Says:

    You said:
    “Actually, it’s not mine: you guessed right. My own home suit is under construction now.”

    Can you give us a few details? Color? Hood/no hood? Gonna post when it’s done? (Of course, I know you will. :-) )

  12. lui Says:

    Just wanted to know :
    Do others students know about your Website ? :)
    (And if they do, how do they react by seeing you working like this ?)
    Maybe you don’t care that after all ! ;)

  13. Costumefan Says:

    Looks impressive project work….you are certainly one smart cookie! And yet you still manage to look so impish and playful in the photos….

    I love seeing you do ordinary tasks like this, but dressed up in crazy “Aurora-style”. We never quite know what’s coming next, except that it’s always a treat…..thanks.

  14. Tek Lok Says:

    What are you studying? Some kind of engineering?

  15. closetmonster Says:

    As an architect myself, I really like the idea of drafting in zentai. ;)

    After seeing this, I might have to require zentai as our new dress-code! :) Unfortunately, most of the staff doesn’t look as nice as you. Lol

    Thanks for some great pics, Aurora, and good luck with your studies!

  16. VanMan Says:


    I guess you’re probably knee-deep in finals about now. How are things going so far? Message me on Yahoo IM when you get a chance (vanman6)!

  17. pixelscan Says:

    Very glad to see you’re staying busy, Aurora. The second picture, with only the lamp light, is really intimate. The dim light shining off your bare cheeks is really poignant, almost like the sunlight reflecting off the moon at dusk. And the way your eyes are focused on the work is intensely sexy. I also really admire the contrast between your flesh skin and your fabric skin, which is very well exemplified by your crouched sitting position. Photographing in dim light is difficult, but you and Billy did a great job, and I hope you try it again.

    (We are *really* looking forward to seeing the suit under construction, too.)

  18. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, of course I will post photo of my home suit as soon as it’s done.
    I rarely appear on Yahoo!, but if I see you I never mind to say hello! :)

  19. Aurora Says:

    lui, I don’t specially hide or show off. Most of my friends know about my passions though. And I hope that one of my colleagues will appear on these pages…

  20. Aurora Says:

    Costumefan, Yes, I love to make fun out of even ordinary things like cooking or drawing! Thank you for compliments.

  21. Aurora Says:

    Tek Lok, I’m studying tech cybernetics.

  22. Aurora Says:

    closetmonster, it would be fun to have a look at a lab full of zentai architects!!! :D

  23. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, yes, flash kills. How many times I get wondered by your observation! Maybe you’d like to know that these pictures were taken from hand, no tripod.

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