On my own.

Uhh… So many things and duties are stacking over me these days. :( University, rehearsals for the Winter BDSM Ball, journalism… It would be great to spend time on communications and fun – if I had any! One of the best ways to relax and spend an hour on my own is to slip into something soft and hugging.

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  1. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Ух ты! Супер! То что я люблю, да еще и два слоя :)
    Чувствую, что мне нужно отойти на минутку :) ))

  2. Costumefan Says:

    Nice to hear from you. Maybe you’ll have time to talk and show more new pics around Christmas time….

    In the meantime, keep busy!

  3. VanMan Says:


    What kind of zentai/latex fashion will you and Billy cook up for the Holidays?

  4. Aurora Says:

    Costumefan, VanMan, it’s a good tradition to make surprises for Christmas and New Year, isn’t it? ;)

  5. VanMan Says:


    Christmas, yes, but not for New Year’s. Of course, you folks in Russia used to celebrate New Year’s Day like the rest of the Western Society celebrates Christmas (referring to that 70-year period when religious celebrations were illegal under the Communist regime).

  6. incanus Says:

    Soft and hugging… nice.

    What do you study at university?

  7. CTPAHHuK Says:

    И все-таки великолепное фото. А у вас еще есть в таком же стиле?

  8. nylonzentai Says:

    Hello Aurora! I realy like pantyhose encasement.

  9. pixelscan Says:

    For many of us, the best relaxation is simply watching you relax, Aurora.

  10. Aurora Says:

    incanus, I study tech cybernetics and automatic control systems.

  11. Aurora Says:

    CTPAHHuK, спасибо! Это снимок из забракованной серии. Возможно, я еще выложу пару-тройку фоток в подходящем контексте. Но мы, конечно же, будем снимать еще!

  12. Aurora Says:

    nylonzentai: hello! Welcome to my journal. I like encasement too.

  13. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, :)

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