Busy Busy Busy…

Hi friends, found a moment to tell you that I’m still totally tied up. :D

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  1. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Ммм, интересная вещь это подвешивание. Я еще никак связывание не могу постичь, а уж такую технику лучше и не пробовать.
    Долго подготавливать все? А какие очущения, когда ты находишься в подвешенном состоянии?

  2. VanMan Says:

    How did you get into that predicament? (What I mean is what positions did you have to get into and how many times was the rope tied to get that position?) Also, what’s the longest you’ve been tied up, and what does that feel like? Ever do it in any zentai?

  3. lancelot Says:

    Hello Aurora,

    mmmmh, difficult picture ! I like your look, but your beautiful face has been a little overexposed by your favourite photographer. Ask him to reduce one diaphragm, il will make your face more glamorous and your black suit look more shiny !

    Keep on posing, you are a beautiful model.

  4. lancelot Says:

    Oh, excuse me Aurora, I forgot one detail :


  5. pixelscan Says:

    If I were as busy as you, I’d be very happy… I’m just glad they let you free long enough to share your experiences.

  6. Aurora Says:

    CTPAHHuK, ну, я-то старая бондажистка, мне по приколу и подготовка, и процесс. Вязали меня около двух часов, сколько провисела – не помню. :)

  7. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, the process of tying me up took about two hours and a hundred meters of rope. Can’t remember the exact amount of time I spent hung, but surely not less than an hour. I’m rather flexy so there was no problem to take the pose. It’s hard to describe bondage feelings, you need to try it yourself – but don’t start with dangerous things like hanging!
    Yes, I have tried zentai bondage, but no picture yet. Don’t you think that this rubber suit is pretty similar to zentai?

  8. Aurora Says:

    lancelot, thank you!
    This photo was taken not by Billy so I can’t forward your advice.

  9. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, I wish you to get happy as soon as possible!

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