I’m alive!

I’m alive! Go and tell everybody that Aurora is back on the job!

Dear friends, I’m back with you. Can’t say how I missed you all! The artistic crisis I was suffering lasted for a whole year; I didn’t take any pictures or parties or whatever. But – the life still goes on, right? And I am pleased to entertain you again with my mind-blowing costumes and locations.

For the start, I’d like to share my serious achievement: finally the Red engeneer’s diploma (summa cum laude) is mine. Here’s a small photostream:

the defence;

the official event;

and the unofficial event!

Photographers: Billy (StylishFetish.com), Angelina ‘Lina’ Merenkova, Alexandr ‘BASik’ Belin.

7 Responses to “I’m alive!”

  1. tblazertn Says:

    Congratulations on your achievement, and welcome back to the world! I’m sure you will find a way to put your *many* talents to use.

  2. VanMan Says:

    Congrats and welcome back. We all missed you all this time.

  3. Costumefann Says:

    Welcome back and congratulations on becoming an engineer. You are evidently a very smart lady!
    Looking forward to seeing you wearing some even more inventive and crazy costumes. Incidentally, just wondering….have you grown your hair, or are you still head-shaved and wearing wigs?

  4. Warped Says:

    Congratulations on your achievment and welcome back – very pleased to see you updating again.
    Seems we have a bit in common, I have an engineering background and went through my own slump for a while … though no where near as long as a full year – glad to see you’re back and looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

  5. Manfred Says:

    Dear Aurora, I’m so glad to have you back online after such a long abstinence. Congratulations to your excellent degree!
    The first time I found your internet page five years ago, I was deeply impressed by the creative Zentai suits covering your perfectly shaped body, the well chosen locations and the professional quality of the photos taken by your husband. I especially admire your courage to do all this in public just in the middle of normal people – wish my wife would do the same…
    Please continue doing these wonderful photoshots – if possible mainly in lycra and less often in latex. Thank you!

  6. pixelscan Says:

    Wow – what a wonderful achievement, Aurora! The high proportion of cute girls in engineering makes me want to study a broad too :) Glad you’re alive!

  7. Like Ra Says:

    Токамак… Идрëны пассатижы…

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