Golden Autumn…

Despite I love heat and sun, the autumn has its own beauty and charm. Golden tones that paint the nature, make the air crystal clear and especially transparent; light smell of sorrow waves to last days of summer…

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  1. lui Says:

    I simply LOVE this picture !
    It’s very feeric.. dreamfull..
    Thank’s for this little moment ;)

  2. Spinner Says:

    That’s a beautiful shot, Aurora – the weakening evening light filtered through auburn foliage illuminates your figure softly.

  3. Querthe Says:

    It’s amazing as a suit can transform a girl in a Nature spirit, in someone that is part of the Earth, giving it power and beauty.
    The yellow of the suit is perfect with the surround, as she was not near leaves, but she is part of them, she is creating them and they are going with her as happy servants.
    I can imagine this wonderful being moving slowly, a sort of dance near the trees, touching the leaves, turning them from green to all the possible shades that render Autumn so strange and beautiful.

    Thank you.

  4. pixelscan Says:

    There a wonderful depth to this image that inspires such poetic thoughts from everyone. Forget the delicate, pastel flowers of spring – it’s the fiery warmth of mature leaves contrasted with the chilled, cozy air that illustrate the serenity of autumn for me. A person that can stand out in that environment is truly an individual.

    In this image, the color of the suit is so naturally matched with the dress and the surrounding environment that it looks purposeful. And, the suit is well exhibited because your lips are nicely defined, the highlight of your nose blends perfectly with your face, and the darker shadows under the feminine curve of your brow are just opaque enough to hide the detail of your eyes. It brilliantly captures the mystery and allure of autumn.

    Your site becomes more interesting with each new scene. If I were to choose a favorite aspect of this image, it would be the way your right arm is hidden behind the leaves. It suggests your emergence from the environment, as if you are not just a part of the leaves, but rather composed of them. So in this way, you personify the season. Does Aurora, or anyone else here, have a favorite aspect of the image?

  5. Aurora Says:

    lui, thank you for sincere compliment.

  6. Aurora Says:

    Spinner, thank you :)

  7. Aurora Says:

    Querthe, I’m so glad to see that you percepted my idea perfectly!

  8. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, let me answer with words of Russian poet Pushkin:

    O drear and cheerless time, you charm the eye and tender
    Contentment to the heart. How wondrous to behold
    Your dying beauty is, the lush and sumptuous splendour
    Of nature’s farewell bloom: the forests clad in gold;
    The wind’s refreshing breath; the azure sky’s surrender
    To greyish pearly haze; the pinch of early cold;
    The fitful ray of sun, too rare to be persistent,
    And hoary winter’s threats, still undefined and distant.

  9. pixelscan Says:

    Superb poem – it captures all of the best aspects of autumn, thank you. Pushkin seems to have a stronger talent for English than do some Americans. Did this poem serve as inspiration for the photograph?

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