Happy Anniversary SillyBilly!!!

Today is October 7th, the day when my favorite designer started his first site, ten years ago! I love his work, am happy to take part in his art and I’m grateful for he introduced me to the wonderful world of fetish.
In prize he gives out a set of his best pictures: http://www.stylishfetish.com/gallery/
I’m a part of the StylishFetish crew for only three years, but nevertheless I feel being together with all photographers, makeup artists, assistants etc. They are usually behind the scenes, but sometimes they get caught by the camera. Here are some of those captured moments:

And here is the hero of the occasion caught doing his labor:

I bumper
and empty the glass for the talented good guy and his creative fashion projects!!!

Keep it up, Billy!!!

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  1. VanMan Says:

    Hear hear! ::toasts::

  2. Costumefan Says:

    Wow, Aurora!

    What a fantastic set of behind the scenes pics!

    I particularly love the images of you with the group out in public chatting and having fun, but with your identity completely sealed inside the kitty suit….no chance even to remove the hood. You would only have your voice and movement to express your personality….did you find this a very intense experience?

    It must have been very exciting to be so iretrievably encased in skintight lycra in public, and this sense of excitement and fun comes across so well in the pictures.

    By the way, could you really drink through the lycra mask? And did it taste unusual?

    Keep it up, Billy….and keep it up, Aurora!!

  3. pixelscan Says:

    It’s the perfect way to celebrate!

    Backstage scenes are the best because that’s when we learn the most about your world. Brushing hair, applying lipstick, tying boot laces, drinking a sip of wine‚Ķ over the years, such mundane tasks have become revolutionary in the context that both you and Billy have shown. And seeing everyone involved in production of the scenes is encouraging because it shows that you and Billy are not isolated, but rather, part of a growing community of enthusiasts, not all of whom appear in front of the camera, but are no less essential to the creative process.

    Thank you, and I hope you continue to find ways to celebrate your time together.

  4. Querthe Says:

    Thank you Aurora to let us see also the “non ufficial” photos.
    I agree with Pixelscan about the beauty to see how your world works, to see how you arrive at the gallery, not only see the gallery in itself.


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