Everyday Life of a Housewife.

Sometimes Aurora gets bored of fetish shootings and gets back to ordinary everyday duties in her kitchen…

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  1. pixelscan Says:

    From the first time I saw it, I’ve thought the appearance of your kitchen is very photogenic, and hoped that you would feature it in another set of images. These pictures are quite nice, indeed.

    I really like that the shininess of your rubber catsuit contrasts well against the multicolored surfaces in the kitchen. And, strangely, your hair appears nearly auburn in some of the images, a nice area of warmth among the cool purple, gray, and black colors in the frame.

    I think the first image is my favorite because of the look on your face. You appear frozen in disbelief, like a child, fully aware that you’ve been caught in an act of mischief. If this is ordinary for you, Aurora, I’m dreaming with anticipation of seeing your extraordinary ideas.

    Thank you again – your work is brilliantly seductive. (Did you manage to drink any of that milk, or did you spill all of it on your catsuit?)

  2. Costumefan Says:

    Yes! Another different image and another beautiful series of pictures.

    I must compliment you about how good you look in these pics….the red tint in your hair suits you so very well, and you are perfecting that impish, playful look to the camera.

    Is this a full latex catsuit? Are the gloves separate or integrated into the suit? And how difficult was it to put on??? Whichever way, it sure would be the ideal costume to wash the dishes!

    Now we can all dream of Aurora having an ordinary day in the house….but dressed in extraordinary fashion. Maybe your imagination is working already on other ideas of wild outfits you can wear to do very ordinary things around the house…..would make for some more great shoots….

  3. VanMan Says:

    When I saw the pictures, I tried to imagine you in my kitchen, Aurora. Those are very sexy photos. Hope to see more soon.

  4. incanus Says:

    Nice kitchen, don’t find many students around here with apartments as nice as that… oh and cool pictures :)

  5. Tek Lok Says:

    I don’t suppose its very fun or easy to clean up afterwards.

  6. chrisgox Says:

    that reminds me, i need to clean my kitchen.

  7. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, it’s my first experience with this catsuit; glad you liked it. Top secret info: the role of milk was performed by kefir. It was tasty!

  8. Aurora Says:

    Costumefan, the catsuit is one-piece, with moulded feet and gloves, custom tailored to my size. It’s not easy to get encased in it, but the fun is worth the labour.

  9. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, are you trying to say that you love to clean kitchens totally polluted with lube, latex-polish, sparkles, and kefir? :lol:

  10. Aurora Says:

    incanus, I’m so poor, so I have to be photographed in my own kitchen, not in a studio… I even use cheap markers to retouch those photos, instead of Photoshop. :lol:

  11. Aurora Says:

    Tek Lok, chrisgox, this catsuit appeared to be very handy for hosework, including kitchen cleaning.

  12. VanMan Says:

    That’s not what I mean, if you know what I mean?

  13. Tek Lok Says:

    Well I suppose you’re right, the milk could just slide off the latex. Its like you were laminated.

  14. sweaty Says:

    beautiful just beautiful. i had to use one as my backgroud on my pc. i would love to see more of you in the catsuit.

  15. landini Says:

    This photos are my favovorite at this moment in the web.You look very nice.I hope, I see more of you.

  16. Aurora Says:

    sweaty, landini, you will see more soon!

  17. alaingdl Says:

    Hi Aurora,
    This outfit is wonderfull on you.
    You must absolutely wear more often this catsuit, also for shhots in a good studio.
    Perhearps a day…

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