Did you really imagine that we could forget to take a couple pictures at Halloween party in Moscow?!!
No, we could not! :D

I’m proud to inform you that two first places for the best Halloween costumes were won by Billy‘s creations. To anticipate possible questions I must say that I did not take part in the contest, as the winner of the previous one.

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  1. NylonZentai Says:

    Wow! It’s getting better and better. Wish I been there.

  2. sczentai Says:

    Wow! Looked like a great party and everyone looked great.

  3. Costumefan Says:

    Great party, by the look of things. Love the “open-bum” fishnet suit worn over the gloved bodysuit….

    And you were looking hot yourself….are you allowed to dress really crazily next year and win again? There’s a challenge for you and Billy to work on!

  4. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    Should a vicar be soliciting the attentions of attractive female demons and lycra-clad witches? Probably not, but I wish I could have been in his place… That was Chromakey in the witch costume, was it not? (There are similar pics on her site, but I wasn’t sure if she was the witch or the girl in the green leopard-print). And yes, that costume with the red bodystocking is indeed strikingly suggestive, though how it stays up (I see no straps at all) is one of life’s mysteries.

  5. ooozerboy Says:

    Wow, your postings are coming so fast and furious that I’m having trouble keeping up with them. These Halloween shots are wonderful and the costumes are great! Costumes and masks .. . . costumes and masks . . . . costumes and masks – - – - it’s like a mantra that echos through my brain costantly.
    My favorite shots are the ones with you in them, especially the one where you’ve got your legs up in the air and the “red lady” is kissing your shoes.
    I always enjoy looking at “party” shots of you because you always look like you’re having such a great time. Party on, my beautiful, exquisitely bald godess!

  6. pixelscan Says:

    Yep, that red body-stocking is definitely one of my favorites, although Aurora’s little horns made me a little horny too. That overhead shot looks like a ghastly version of Where’s Waldo – I think I spotted Chromakey in her classic green leopard suit.

    Of all the wonderful images, I think my favorite is the witch in the black zentai, where a tuft of hair spills out moments prior to being sealed inside the spandex. (That’s so sexy.)

    Aurora, you mentioned that Billy’s designs won top places – can you tell us which costumes he made?

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