Two dolls right out of the box: K.G. and me.

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  1. VanMan Says:

    I take it that you’re in the tank-top dress, and KG is in the strapless, right, Aurora? Anyway, you’ll always be a doll to me! @–>–>– I hope Billy doesn’t mind me giving you a rose.

  2. yaceck Says:

    Totally outstanding. I’m impressed! You look exactly like a wax-doll :) Roooar :D

  3. Costumefan Says:

    You make a beautiful pair of dolls! And I love the super-long eyelashes you’re wearing, Aurora.

  4. NylonZentai Says:

    Beautifull dolls :)

  5. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    Must put in a positive mention for the flapper-style wigs. Combined with the eyelashes, makeup, and distinctly gothic dresses, a more perfect pair of classic “vamps” is hard to imagine. :) I wonder how Louise Brooks would have looked in a catsuit… Oh well, we’ll always have this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=q_fdUROaJYo

  6. ooozerboy Says:

    Wow! I love these shots! You and KG did such a masterful job of making your faces and hair look so mannequin-like that I’m not sure which doll is KG and which one is you. NO, please don’t tell me which is which! I prefer to NOT know. I LOVE this air of mystification the photo has.
    I’m obsessed with the subjects of masks, disguise and people preventing me from figuring out who they really are. It’s cool how you guys are posing stiffly, wearing identical wigs, having the same make-up and having your skin look all shiny and plastic-like, just like actual mannequins. It’s an absolutely fascinating photograph and I would love to see any more shots like these that you have. Fantastic work, Goddess Aurora (is it okay if I call you that?) you are a TRUE ARTIST! Your fellow models are great, too. The guy who takes the pictures is pretty good, also. I have much more to say about this fantastic photo, but I have to turn off my computer, now, due to problems in my telephone line. I’ll write to you again within the next few hours. Bye-bye, now

  7. Costumefan Says:

    KG’s in the strapless dress…

  8. pixelscan Says:

    Yeah, cool shots. There are a couple of things that I think make them stand above other similar shots…

    The setting is great. The boxes in the background and the bubble wrap lying around convince us that Aurora and KG are new and fresh from the manufacturer. Having just been released from their encasement, there’s not a blemish on them.

    Also, I love the fact that one doll unpacks the other. I’ve always adored images where one person is being restrained and gagged by another person who is also restrained and gagged. It’s a weird concept, but these dolls perpetuate that notion in exactly the same way.

    Thanks, Aurora.

    (Does anyone else feel like KG always has a glassy, doll-like look in her eyes?)

  9. Marqu Says:

    Sorry to disturb the entitled enthusiastic climate here, but am I the only one who is astonished at the almost proudly claimed ignorance of some long time visiters and admirers regarding Aurora’s facial features?
    They recognize her when nobody else is on the photo but add another girl and suddenly there is no way to identify her any more?
    I wonder what they are looking at when they visit the Journal. There are meanwhile lots of opportunities to get to know Aurora’s undisguised face, though.
    Besides that, this is not the best of compliments for a model to my opinion.

  10. greneker03 Says:

    aurora looks fantastic as always. I have felt for a long time she should try and fins a store to pose at since she looks so flawless like a mannequin,,
    Great Job aurora and hope to see more of this in the future.

    KG also looked very doll like as well.

  11. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    I recognise Aurora… Sitting down in shot one, standing up in shot two, wearing a split dress and white tights, and looking (as always, when unmasked) like an inordinately sultry and alluring pixie… or along those general lines. Very distinctive, IMO.

  12. Toonie Says:

    Heh, this series got a nice exposure at the Doll’s realm ;)http://dollsrealm.blogspot.com/

  13. TCPickle Says:

    I would LOVE to unwrap these dolls for Christmas!

  14. andualex Says:

    Аврора ,
    Вы видите , что пропали комментарии на русском ? После Вашего высокого уровня то , что вы помещаете на сайте сейчас, простите , просто тусовка.
    А ведь Вы можете !

  15. ooozerboy Says:

    Howdy Aurora and everybody. While wandering the Net, I encountered the website http://www.kariwanz.com and went into the gallery. It’s filled with high quality photograps of a Japanese couple who design, make, sell and model their own line of latex costumes. This is some of the craziest, most imaginative and yummiest latex fashion that I’ve ever seen, and I’m not exactly new to this type of thing. Have you ever seen outfits like this before? The text is in both English and Japanese. Again, the website is http://www.kariwanz.com and BOY is it cool.

  16. NylonZentai Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear, Aurora!

  17. TCPickle Says:


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