FPN6: Aurora!

And finally – long-awaited, brilliant and incredible me!!!! Who not only drove the whole evening, but also changed five (!) times during it.

Photographers:Kirk, pantyhose_man.

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  1. NylonZentai Says:

    Love it! First two photos are my favorite :)

  2. Costumefan2 Says:

    Worth waiting for….The different wigs make you look like completely different people. And your legs never looked better, if you don’t mind me saying so.

    Now, after the stresses of being show director and quick change artist, I hope you are able to be back in full zentai soon!

  3. VanMan Says:

    With the new Star Trek movie out this weekend, your bald head makes me think of Lt. Ilia from the first Star Trek movie. You have a very Deltan quality about you — sexy while bald!

  4. Warped Says:

    Lovely as always :)
    You don’t want to come down and do a show or two in Australia by any chance do you?
    Shame you’re so far away, would be awesome to have someone like you perform/host at one of the fetish parties we have here.
    Great costumes, great model (Aurora as gorgeous as ever), great looking show.

  5. tightsguy Says:

    I like the orange tights you are wearing in the 2nd set of pictures. I’d like to see some tights masking action with those :P

  6. anfang Says:

    Last photo is incredible!

  7. beneamo Says:

    Love the outfit in the last 3 although they are all beautiful. Your bald head looks beautiful and was a brave thing to do. Great wigs too.

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