It was Billy’s lucky day!

Photographer: Kirk.

11 Responses to “FPN6.”

  1. Costumefan2 Says:

    Yes…what a lucky guy Billy was that day. I recognise you inside the pantyhose encasement, but is it also you in the rainbow coloured zentai suit? And who is your gorgeous friend with the green lipstick?

  2. Aurora Says:

    There is NO me on these photos!

  3. NylonZentai Says:

    It is apirl the 1st :)

  4. NylonZentai Says:

    april the 1st

  5. NylonZentai Says:

    Nice pantyhose encasement, love it!

  6. VanMan Says:

    How about some pictures of you?

  7. Costumefan2 Says:

    Wow! Who is your lookalike in the pantyhose encasement??

  8. ooozerboy Says:

    Billy, I have to say that I am shocked!
    Just a couple of weeks after celebrating Aurora’s birthday, you post these provocative photos of yourself frolicking with zentai-clad women other than your wife!
    Absolutely unbelievable!
    If I did something like this, my wife would try to KILL me.
    In fact, I don’t even have to do anything bad and she STILL tries to kill me.
    Several times a day.
    I think she and I need to go to a marriage councilor or something.
    Any suggestions?

  9. Aurora Says:

    ooozerboy, Billy didn’t post these photos, I did it. ;)

    I’m not jealous Billy to girls, since he is not jealous me to girls either! :D

  10. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi Aurora,
    Good for you to be so open minded that you are not jealous of each other.
    I have a question of all the different zentai suit do you like the most? You look so good and seams to enjoy your black one Black and Pink. The one called Sparkling Brass, Stormy Beach and Morning After looked like you had fun? The one I like on you the most is the one with the cats and also On Her Own. What do you feel is the tops?

  11. twilight Says:

    Those hotties over there… surely Billy’s lucky day.

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