In the Night.

…And after the photo session I come back to the bedroom, get out of the costume…

… take a shower…

…and afterwards hit my bed.

Photographer: Billy (

9 Responses to “In the Night.”

  1. NylonZentai Says:

    Another suit under the suit. I love it. Sexy leg.

  2. grey_cat Says:

    Аплодисменты!!!! Порадовали, очень нежно получилось. Подробности Билли расскажу в привате. :-D Super!

  3. Exidor108 Says:

    Класс! :)

  4. Costumefan Says:

    Oh, yes! Just that glimpse of mischievous Aurora’s eyes twinkling through her transparent encasement….captivating. What a peach of a girl! Maybe you can post more from this shoot?

  5. pixelscan Says:

    Wow, to learn that you were double-encased brings new dimension to the other photos! I think it’s great when you keep secrets from us, and then reveal hidden surprises like that. It shows that you really care about your fans, and want us to have a great time viewing your work.

    Looks like you and Billy had a wonderful time on vacation, Aurora. I think we’re all looking forward to more great times like that.

  6. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, all the people is wearing masks. Sometimes we see a mask dropped, but what is underneath? Real face or another mask?..

  7. zentai.carl Says:

    Aurora you sure can keep us excited with the way you reveal those curves and good looking legs of yours. The wet suit just clings to your lovely body and the smile underneath is from a very satisfied young women. How does it feel with this soft looking suit against your whole body?

  8. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi there,
    This outfit sure looks like the nicest one I have seen or perhaps the black outfit in the park with your friend? You both look so full of beans. Must have been lots of fun to pose for Billy while he was hiding behind the camera. What goes through your mind? Dreaming up the next adventure. Perhaps an other trip to Cyprus where the cats are waiting. The cats would want to find out who is behind the masked face that also is purrrrs.

  9. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi Aurora,
    Just a suggestion to do one bathroom and home set of photos but in a black thin outfit? It is one of your best. I also like the one you photoed in the desert.
    Let us know what it feel like for you to dress in these nice zentai costumes?

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