Dark Sea.

The water demon is happy to have caught a new photographer! :D

Photographer: Billy (StylishFetish.com)

18 Responses to “Dark Sea.”

  1. NylonZentai Says:

    I woud love to be caught by you :) Nice photo.

  2. Go-Igor Says:

    Я не понимаю зачем ты побрилась налысо!?

  3. bobmer Says:

    Very nice picture, would like to be there as you play in the water. Viewing you yearningly embraced by this sleek skin :-)

  4. ooozerboy Says:

    Merciful Heavens! This shot is GORGEOUS! Wet zentai is beautiful! You are SO PRETTY with your magnificently shaped bald head. I think it would be a crime to allow the hair to grow back. You are such a SEXY bald woman!
    I’m a mask maker. I love to take plaster casts of peple’s faces and heads.The presence of hair makes the casting process more difficult due to the risk of getting the model’s hair caught up in the hardening plaster —YOWCH! But taking a cast of your head would be a breeze because your scalp is shaved. If you know somebody that knows how to do these types of casts, I think you should consider letting them make a cast of you. You could even use the finished cast to make realistic-looking, flesh colored, female-disguise-type latex masks of yourself and sell them. Think of all the female doms and male cross-dressers out there who would love nothing better than to cosplay while wearing the skin-tight latex face of the world famous fetish model AURORA!! I know that I would certainly jump at the chance to purchase one of those masks and I suspect lots of other people would, too, I wonder what my fellow corresponders think of the idea? Ah well – - – it was just one of my crazy little dreams, I guess.
    Any way, I LOOOOOOVE “Dark Sea” and I love how creative and tallented you are. You’re my artistic hero.
    Ooops, I forgot to mention what an enjoyable experience it is for the model to have her head cast. You simply sit in a chair as people fuss about you, applying casting material until your head is tightly encased in a shell of sorts. As you patiently wait for the cast to cure, you can’t speak, can’t see and you can’t hear much of anything. It’s a sensory-deprivation-type of thing and some people get really turned-on by it. I’ve had it done to me seven times and it just gets better each time. Sorry this is so long, but “Dark Sea” has really inspired me! Your site is the GREATEST and so are you!

  5. Costumefan Says:

    Love you in shiny latex! And no Aurora shoot is complete without lovely tight gloves as part of the outfit. Beautiful and inventive as always…

  6. grey_cat Says:

    :-) Большущий букет цветов морскому демону. не знаю как они женского пола называются. ;-)

  7. VanMan Says:

    Almost like a black latex version of the Birth of Venus. Very sexy!

  8. gakwy99 Says:

    Love your work. Where is your little green alien? I have not heard from her in a while

  9. lycracuda Says:

    Absolutely breathtaking. As all of your photos have been.:-)

  10. zentai.carl Says:

    It is so many different outfits you have. All seam to be more fantastic than the last one. Do you Aurora have any favorite one? Maybe there is one you feel more sexy in? Anyone of your suit that you prefer to use more when relaxing at home? Well every zentai suit seams to fit you perfect and make you look so good!!!!

  11. ooozerboy Says:

    Hey Zentai Carl, I think that’s a GREAT idea —asking Aurora to tell us what HER favorites are, amongst her vast wardrobe of zentai and latex costumes, outfits and masks.
    So what do you say, Aurora? What are some of your personal favorites? Do you have a preference between latex and Zentai or do you enjoy the feel of both, equally? Do you genuinely enjoy wearing masks? The reason I’m asking is cuz I’ve had lots of girlfriends over the years and not a single one of them would have anything to do with wearing a mask, yet you seem to LOVE doing it. What is it about mask-wearing that you enjoy? Yes, yes, I know — nothing but QUESTIONS. But Zentai Carl and myself are really curious about all these things and it’s been SO LONG since you’ve answered any comments so I ferociously hope from the bottom of my latex-coated little heart (and also from the heart of my latex-coated little bottom) that you might consider answering a few of these questions for us Aurora fans.
    I love your blog, I love your photos, I love your costumes, I ESPECIALLY love your masks and I think I even love you (only platonically of course). So please, PLEASE send us a line or two.
    We would be ever-so grateful.

  12. Like Ra Says:

    ooozerboy, answering questions is not that exciting as provoking people to ask questions ;-)

  13. Like Ra Says:

    correction: … so exciting as …

  14. Costumefan Says:

    Just like zentai.carl and ooozerboy, I would love it if you could tell us bit about your favourite costumes.

    Like…what was it like to be inside the doll mask and then layers of lycra for the (quite brilliant) doll shoot? Or what about when you go out in public in total zentai catsuits? Do you feel nervous, or comfortable, or excited, or what? Does Billy have to peruade you (I hope not!), or are you loving every moment as you turn yourself into a source of intrigue, surprise and amusement? It would be lovely if you could say a little about this for your many admirers.

  15. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi there you with the mystical smile under the wonderful brown zentai suits and all the cats that look just as interested as we are! I hope Aurora, that you will read some of our admirer mail. How does it feel? Billy is the lucky guy that I guess knows how it is to feel to be there and arrange the artistic side to the show. You are doing a good job of it! Thanks for the pictures and we are still wondering?

  16. Aurora Says:

    Dear friends, I’ll answer your questions in a few days! Please take one more bit of patience.

  17. Costumefan Says:

    Thanks. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts….

  18. zentai.carl Says:

    Will do for you Aurora! Looking good in the bubble fest.

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