BondageFest 2007.

Now here are some promised pictures from the Moscow BondageFest.

Billy‘s show – Nylon bondage. It’s me in white zentai!

Astonishing Shibari by Alek Zander.

Saran wrap in latex catsuits.

The fastest bondagist – Scorpionsha.

Photographer. :D

And some assorted pictures.

7 Responses to “BondageFest 2007.”

  1. rubberbando Says:

    BondageFest looks like a lot of fun! :-D

    Thanks for sharing those pics. :-)

  2. lycra Says:

    it’s very very beautiful.
    is it you in white zentai, aurora?
    thank you for this great moment

  3. Aurora Says:

    rubberbando, ;)

  4. Aurora Says:

    lycra, yes, it’s me.

  5. lycra Says:

    i reconize you between all this bondage. you are so beautiful

  6. Aurora Says:

    lycra, thank you!

  7. TCPickle Says:

    How long can you stay wrapped & breath comfortably in the Saran Wrap?

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