The first Russian open bondage festival has taken place yesterday. Billy and I participated in the main program. We demonstrated some nylon bondage, and the audience looked amazed! I hope to show you more different pictures soon; here is one today.

4 Responses to “BondageFest.”

  1. VanMan Says:

    Looks a little dark. Can’t tell any person apart.

  2. maxlatexit06 Says:

    please Princess next time inform us if there is some other party , we would like to partecipate.latex kisses

  3. TCPickle Says:

    I want my MUMMY! LOL

  4. nylonmen Says:

    hai aurora. this pic is very nice but vey dark too. nothing see-
    and I have a request why you not try to put more layers nylon in your body? my record is 7 in head 7 body and 7 legs and complete mummy .
    very sexy.

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