Silver Bubbles!

Today I was occupied with a very important business: catching silver bubbles outdoors!

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  1. grey_cat Says:


  2. VanMan Says:

    Very sexy outfit there, Aurora. Is that latex or metallic spandex?

  3. Vasilij Says:


  4. ooozerboy Says:

    Goddess Aurora – - – -
    Where DO you get all these splendiforous costumes? Sweet Mother Of Pearl! How EVER you get them, PLEASE KEEP DOING IT! Your site is my favorite site on the whole World Wide Web —- not just now, but forever and always. Skin-tight costumes, masks and Aurora —–now I know what heaven must be like.

  5. rachel Says:

    Lady A.,

    Your outfit is lovely, but that is the case all of the time.

    I believed that I only felt comfortable with total encasement. However, your work this month as revealed that just about everything you do is great–my complements to both you and your photographer.


  6. rachel Says:

    Lady A.,

    I don’t know about Saint Petersburg, but near Odessa (Texas that is) the wind would make catching bubbles hard to do. Bubble catching is an extremely difficult thing to do, but, if anyone could, you would be the one.

    You are a very gentle soul.

    You and your phographer are very creative people and your work is appreciated. Your have managed to combine creativity and intelligence with eros–something no other web site that I have seen has managed to do. Please keep up the excellent work.

    With Love,

  7. twilight Says:

    This is awesome! One of the best serries.

  8. Costumefan Says:

    Another fabulous look for you, Aurora!

    Is the suit metallic spandex, with integrated gloves? It looks great…

    And I love the makeup….silver lipstick and extra long eyelashes….mmm….do keep experimenting with makeup, as well as facepaint and bodypaint….Aurora the chameleon….you can be anything you want to be, but always beautiful!!

  9. rachel Says:


    It was great to get a better view of your nice face.


  10. phorny22 Says:

    Hi Aurora! i have been a fan of your work for many years now and i have been doing encasement now for 6 years. I also like to go out in public encased under sexy outfits and would like to get your opinion on some upcoming Halloween encasement ideas i have. I am 25/m 5′11 130lbs slim and attractive and would like to know if you think i could go out to a club or in public for halloween pantyhose encased? and if so which costume(s) do you think would be best…..i have naughty schoolgirl, hooters uniform, daisy duke, or black cat outfits ready along with either nude or black encasement and how many layers also do you think? i truly appreciate your feedback on this!! thank you, bk from USA.

  11. catsuitzentai Says:

    Hi Aurora

    You looking great in those silver suits

  12. VanMan Says:

    Hey, Aurora and Billy!

    Someone posted a few examples of your photos onto the ShinyUploads forum in the Zentai Pictures section. Just wanted to give you guys a heads’ up.

  13. Aurora Says:

    phorny22, Halloween is the only day when you can dress fetishy almost officially! As I saw none of your costumes in real, I’d recommend random choice: take what gets in your hand first. About encasement – it’s a good idea in any case. Just don’t go too far with layering. Stay comfortable. And good luck!

  14. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, Costumefan, it’s full silver metallic latex catsuit with black inserts near gloves.

  15. Aurora Says:

    Thank you all for compliments!

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