A Tribute to Kandinsky.

One of my favorite photos by Billy.

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  1. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    Apologies for my dismal lack of art knowledge. I just ran “Kandinsky” through Google Images and failed to find the work that this is based on. You don’t happen to know its name, do you?

  2. Billy Says:

    Just happened to see this comment.
    It’s not a copy of any of his work, just a photo inspired by this great artist. His point was complicated geometric paints like “Due Punti Verdi” or others.

  3. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    Wondered if it might be the case, but didn’t want to flaunt my towering artistic ignorance. Thanks for clarifying.

    Clever work, by the way. Have you done any more in this line? I’ve taken a look at the sort of Kandinsky works which I think you might mean (all geometric patterns and kaleidoscopic images), and am impressed that anyone would try to transfer that style to a photographic medium, although I find myself wondering just what the realistic limits might be with even more mirrors, a wild imagination, and a lot of patience…

  4. Billy Says:

    Thank you, I’m really touched. As of now, it’s the first and the last photo of this kind; actually it came to my mind unexpectedly, I just was playing with the camera when this window got rapidly moved by wind, and something made me press the shooter… :)
    Maybe I will experiment more with this. I really like this picture.

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