Full Latex Encasement!!!

Sometimes it’s fun to get blindly enclosed in tight and shiny black latex zentai and meet a similar latex alien. And only then discover that it was your good friend!
Let me introduce a new beautiful girl – Fighting Fish!

14 Responses to “Full Latex Encasement!!!”

  1. MACMAN1 Says:

    Let me be the first to say … WOW!!!

  2. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Тогда я буду вторым кто скажет WOW! :D
    Всегда было интересно, а какие ощущения в таких костюмах?
    Аврора, а не пробовала одевать латекс, когда с головы до ног одета в колготки? Если да, то насколько меняются ощущения?

  3. Aurora Says:

    MACMAN1, Let me be the first to say thank you :D

  4. tblazertn Says:

    I love the hoods used in these photos! Are there no nose holes to breathe from?

  5. VanMan Says:

    What was it like to actually wear that latex zentai? Was it tough to breathe? From what I hear, it’s impossible to breathe in latex.

  6. Zicron Says:

    Wow , You are a real profecional O.O

    Congratulations ^^ other exelent work of Aurora ^^

  7. hidaza Says:

    Now that more like it….hehehe…Great work…

  8. ozlycragirl Says:

    Fantastic full rubber You really have a perfect figure for rubber and you wear it so well, really tight and really shiny I think you are a godess and you really are worshiped by me, (and alot of other people). I always look forward to your next pics with anticipation because you truly inspire me with your choice of lycra and rubber clothes. would really like to no what you are feeling when wearing such great clothes. and even a video would be nice.

    Keep up the great great work and keep on enjoying you lycra and rubber


  9. rachel Says:

    Hi Lady A.,

    As usual you are just as beautiful as ever. I’m envious of Fighting Fish getting to be your girlfriend.


  10. rachel Says:

    Hi Lady A.,

    I’ve looked everywhere on the Internet using every search engine that I am aware of but can’t find a latex outfit as special as yours. Aside from being beatiful you must have excellent resources.


  11. ooozerboy Says:

    Holy Toledo!!

  12. catsuit-boy Says:

    Mnie takyje catsuit ocen nravitsa. Po bolshe takix ;-)

  13. atari22 Says:


  14. TCPickle Says:

    Maybe Billy could rig a camera into your suits so we could see things from your point of view.

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