Yes! Finally we have got the visa. Tomorrow will be lazy waters of Adriatic sea, hot sun, and two weeks at leisure.
Hey Rimini!

5 Responses to “Vacation!”

  1. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Приятного Вам отдыха! Поделитесь потом своими впечатлениям :)

  2. VanMan Says:

    Nice outfit there, orange sweater-like dress and orange tights. Just need some orange boots and you’d be set. Have fun on vacation.

  3. Tek Lok Says:

    I love orange cream soda.

  4. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, I believe that white shoes and accessories look originally.

  5. rachel Says:

    Lady A.,

    The picture, as usual, is very nice.

    You are the epitome of meninity.


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