I’m Shining!

Yes, yes, yes! My exams are over! So, I have finished the first stage of theoretical electrics, and fully completed the course of quantum physics! No more lasers, spectrum analysers, and superconductors!
Now I’ve got almost two months of recreation, fun and walking through a lot of beautiful places!

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  1. Costumefan Says:

    Many congratulations, Aurora!

    Now you can have some fun….let’s hope it involves lots of crazy dressing!

    One request for furure shoots….can we PLEASE see some shots of the dressing up process? It would be so awesome to see your beautiful body and pretty face disappear inside your wonderful costumes! And maybe also see you emerge from your cocoons? This would be so exciting, and add so much to the shoots….
    (Don’t worry….no nudity is expected! LOL!!)

  2. VanMan Says:

    Wow, Aurora! That zentai looks like it came out of your studies, or at least every sci-fi fan’s wettest dreams.

  3. alaingdl Says:

    Hi Aurora,
    Congratulations for your exams…
    I think that you’re a too beautifull & pretty model to wear this kind of outfits because they made your face no visible.

    I hope that you’ll wear soon and more often your beautifull latex catsuit.


  4. rickey Says:

    Hi lADY A.,

    To paraphrase Clark Gable (the last scene from Gone With The Wind) “Frankly my Dear, I wish I had what you’ve got”–the brain of a physicist,
    the body of a godess, and the most beautiful legs I’ve seen in my time on the third rock from the sun.

    I tend to wordy, but Dr. Eric Temple Bell once delivered a learned dissertation to a group of physicist. At the conclusion of thr seminar, the physicist were talking amongest themselves and concluded sthat, surely God must be a physicist because the universe is so logical. To this Dr. Bell replied “yes God could have been a physicist, but if he had been a mathematician it would only have taken three days”. :)

    My dear, you have captured my mind and body. When I saw the picture of you walking across the bridge, my first thought was “let me enumerate the ways I love you”.

    Peace and, please continue being your wonderful self,

  5. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Поздравляю с окончанием экзаменов! Желаю провести отличный отдых!
    Костюм мне понравился, а вот парик какой-то неудачный. На мочалку смахивает… Может было бы лучше что-нибудь из обычных париков использовать?
    Кстати, Аврора, а на тебе под костюмом было белье? :D Что-то оно совсем не заметно :D

  6. ninjajing1234 Says:

    good!now you have your own free time to make your favor things.I am a fetishlover from china and I spend 6 hours (0:17—5:20)for seeking your photopicture.your beautiful face ,your charming body,your lovely smile have sinked in my memory and heavily beaten my heart.you are my queen!all we chineseman belive the beautifulest whitepeople girls is russians.so petty i cannot speak sussian language,ortherwith i will send all my money flying to russia for you.tell me,by which chatting tools i can chatting with you online?QQ,ICQ,or MSN?(i only have QQnumber)
    i have a gallery, http://ninjajing1234.photo.163.com,password i will give you if you connect with me.see you the next time

  7. ninjajing1234 Says:

    my name:ninja means the assasian(origin from Japan)who wear a mask and use a short sword,and attck some people in darkness at a super speed.jing is one of my netfriend,she name is jing.so i called myself
    ninjajing.i ever love her,but she cheated me,for my money(at that time i was in universty and she is in another city,)i never seen her ture face,just
    get some her photoes in catsuits.now i am not love her again,an unreal girls is not worth of my true love.your russian girls have brightly beauty,we chinese gierls have soft beauty.but all your girls are sincere .that’s my opinion.do you agree with me?

  8. ninjajing1234 Says:

    I love life,my dream is play with girls wearing catsuits.greeting all my friens come true all their dreams

  9. Tek Lok Says:

    I love to see you outside amongst other people, while you are wearing a zentai.

  10. tony Says:

    Superb work dear Aurora! It doesn’t matter when you cover the face too, on the contraty – it makes the whole appearance more artistic, more exciting and very sexy. Thanks for all the joy!

  11. VanMan Says:

    A while back I viewed the photos on the main Stylish Fetish site. The way the pictures look, it seems Aurora’s au naturel under the suit (the sleek look of no underwear between the skin and zentai). I’m of the opinion that undies should not be worn under zentai (but maybe men might need to wear a dance belt to smooth out the… ahem).

  12. Tek Lok Says:

    zentai and other tight garments basically are underwear in my opinion

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