Happy New Year!!!

Dear friends! I’m greeting you with new year 2006! Wishing you fun, success, love, peace and confidence! Let all your dreams come true.
Maybe you know about a good tradition to decorate a Tree (or something else :) ) for this holiday.

Xenia and Emmanuel are sharing my wishes!

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  1. Costumefan Says:

    Yet another inventive series….brilliant! Maybe Billy can design a suit for you with a design of lights sewn into it…..worth thinking about?

    Great also to see the first glimpse of how you get into a Venus suit…..more please!

  2. VanMan Says:

    Zentai with imbedded lights, eh? Might be an interesting proposition. Maybe have little LEDs woven into the suit, but it could be uncomfortable.

    Say! Maybe Billy can start with a silver-metallic catsuit without hood but with hands and feet, then take a few pieces of black fabric woven with LED light strands, large enough for the abdomen and upper thighs, then connect them to a battery pack worn around the waist and attached to the abdominal piece. To add to the effect, Aurora can wear silver makeup on her face and either dye her hair silver, gold, amber or cobalt or have a wig of one of those colors or wear a silver helmet. Voila! Aurorabot!

  3. Lui Says:

    Happy new year too ^^
    This was a wonderful idea to make a living christmas zentaï tree :D
    And like VanMan said, you can maybe have a battery pack worn on you ?
    And thank you again for those nice shots

  4. Costumefan Says:

    Great idea from VanMan…..and it would be great to see you explore more the use of makeup, facepainting, or even bodypainting, enabling you to show even more different diverse versions of Aurora.

    Hope this might interest you and Billy.

  5. pixelscan Says:

    You’re really full of holiday spirit, Aurora, and I’m glad you chose to share some of it with us! Both you and Billy have such playful personalities that you are perfect for creating and modeling bodysuits.

    The lights are such a unique idea – why should anyone let a tree have all the fun? And as Costumefan said, I’m so glad we get a chance to see you putting on the Venus suit. I really like the last image too, where you introduce us to Xenia and Emmanuel – the cord appearing from between your legs acts almost like a bizarre tether. How long did you spend inside the “light suit”?

    We certainly wish you fun, love, peace and confidence in the new year too! You and Billy already have helped some of our dreams come true.

  6. DrLycra Says:

    Happy New Year, Aurora!May all your dreams come true.
    Awesome x-mas tree! Are you wearing the lights underneath the black venus suit?

  7. Zentai Samurai Says:

    Happy New Year to you as well, Aurora!

    This is very creative! And you have very cute cats! ^^

    I agree that making this mobile would be a great idea. You could go-a-caroling in zentai. :)

    I can’t help but wonder… how hot did the bulbs get? I hope it wasn’t dangerous for you. Going up in flames in a zentai suit would be… quite dramatic.

    Have a wonderful new year of creativity!

  8. Denion Says:

    Great idea and I’m also glad you chose to share some of it with us!
    As Costumefan and pixelscan saids, I’m so glad we get a chance to see you putting on the Venus suit.
    2Billy: more video putting Venus suit, please!
    p.s. Aurora read commens?

  9. MARIANO Says:


  10. Aurora Says:

    Costumefan, VanMan, we have some thoughts about LED costume, however can’t promise to do it in the nearest future.

  11. Aurora Says:

    pixelscan, thanks for all your wishes and hi from our cats! :)

  12. Aurora Says:

    DrLycra, thanks.
    I wrapped the lamp string on top of the red suit and then put on Venus.

  13. Aurora Says:

    Zentai Samurai, thanks for care! We use to keep everything safe, sane and consensual! ;)

  14. Aurora Says:

    Denion, thanks. :) We will try to show more of Venus.

  15. Aurora Says:

    MARIANO, ;)

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