My New Video!!!

Two video clips from RubberDay in Moscow. Latex, gasmask and a lot of sexy girls!

I’m waiting for thousand comments!

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  1. Costumefan2 Says:

    Wow! You were obviously having so much fun. The video is very well produced. And I love your outfit. Congratulations to all involved…. Absolutely brilliant!

  2. Gummisardaukar Says:

    I like it. Your rubber is so shiny. You are the most beautiful rubbered woman in that videos, you are the only one girl gloved and gasmasked. Congratulations.

  3. laskavy Says:

    Looks like you had a bit MORE than just a lot of fun ;)

  4. NylonZentai Says:

    I love it! You should definitely make more videos :)

  5. grey_cat Says:

    Здорово получилось. :-)

  6. VanMan Says:

    Interesting videos. Interesting music in the first one. I noticed Billy wasn’t wearing that much rubber. It almost looked like he was wearing a simple T-shirt and black slacks. Got more?

  7. pixelscan Says:

    Sweet videos. I like your outfit, Aurora. It’s unique to see a conventional type of suit, manufactured in an unconventional fabric like rubber. I also like the metaphorical contrast of the feminine veil against the sharp angularity of the gasmask. I think it would be cool to emphasize that type of contrast more in the future. There is also a point in the first video where your friend lifts up the back of your jacket, showing the zipper to your suit (or some kind of attachment). I’m a fan of enclosures, and that was kind of a turn on.

    I like the way you rubbed the vac-bed victim’s face while she was helplessly immobile – but my favorite thing about her was the sheepish smile after she got out of the bed, very alluring. But strangely, at the very end, after blowing kisses, the moment when you turned your eyes away from the camera was really magnificent. Your eyes behind the glass somehow reminded me of a doll behind cellophane, or a mannequin in a store window.

    (I need to find a white ruffled collar like the one the cat player wore. That’s cool.)

  8. Itianat Says:

    Yes, I here participated on this party too :)

  9. ppxxcc Says:

    so great ,i wait for your new works

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