Sunny Santorini: Thera.

The name Santorini was given the island by the Latin empire in the thirteenth century, and is a reference to Saint Irene. Before then it was known as Kallistē (“the most beautiful one”), Strongylē (“the circular one”), or Thera. This beautiful island is actually a volcanic caldera, surrounding the deep lagoon of clear blue water.
Nowadays the biggest town on Santorini is its “capital”, Thera (or Thira). Its narrow pedestrian streets climb to the rocks with a lot of stairways, and then drop back to the edge of caldera, meandering between tiny whitewashed houses, hotels, and cozy small taverns where you can taste really unique local wines and delicious meals.

Photographer: Billy (

6 Responses to “Sunny Santorini: Thera.”

  1. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Как всегда яркие фотографии в латексе! Надеюсь вы это снимали не в полдень, когда самая жара? )
    Интересное решение с тенью на двери ) Особенно позабавила вторая тень с рожками ))

  2. NylonZentai Says:

    You look great with the golden hair, Aurora.

  3. VanMan Says:

    Nice pictures so far. Any shots in zentai yet, and if so, what reactions did you get from the Greeks?

  4. Warped Says:

    Great shots and love those colours ,very vibrant, lots of fun but sleek and sexy at the same time.

    Santorini looks lovely too – lucky you, I’m envious of your holiday :D

  5. Costumefan Says:

    Lovely place. Hope you enjoyed the sweatiness under the rubber outfit! Hmm…the shadowy photo gives me a hint of how you might look in sheer black zentai…..hope you were inspired….

  6. grey_cat Says:

    А по стене крадётся настоящая… :D

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