German Fetish Parties!

In Berlin I’ve visited two fetish events: pre-party in the Insomnia club, and the German Fetish Ball itself.
In the first evening we could not take any photo due to club’s restrictions, so I’ll show you only my outfit.

Honestly, the party turned out to be unusually impudent for me: naked genitalia, porn TV, “private” chillout… Still I’ve had a lot of fun, danced to everybody’s death and even tried the chain swings!

I liked the Ball even more! There were lots of creatively and sexually dressed people, a bright show, and three floors of different music.
So it’s been a good start and I’m open for ideas where to go next time!

8 Responses to “German Fetish Parties!”

  1. Costumefan Says:

    The blue-black wig is quite stunning, while I can never get enough of you in gloved catsuits! Two more great Aurora looks….also, Zlata looks amazing, especially her special makeup design.

  2. NylonZentai Says:

    I like the blue wig too.

  3. laxfanat Says:

    Привет Аврора! Надеюсь ты помнишь наш фотошот в 1994. Классный оутфит! А что в катсьюите дыры или он проклеен прозрачным латеком? В 1-м случае не понимаю как ты ег одела??!! Респект!

  4. VanMan Says:

    Those were outstanding!

  5. Warped Says:

    “naked genitalia, porn TV, “private” chillout… ” Right, that’s it, I’m moving to Europe!!

    Fantastic outfits, amazing costumes and everyone looks incredible, thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  6. Tek[+]Lok Says:

    My favorite image is the one where she is adjusting her high heel shoe, I just love it! I also really like that red suit with the random holes in, with a clear layer underneath. I just wish it had a mask with a matching design, maybe full head red, and random clear latex spots.

  7. grey_cat Says:

    Аврора, отличный костюм!!! :)

  8. Piotr lempica Says:

    Hello Aurora,

    still great model for an interesting photographer !

    Good job, Billy. Keep in touch, I have new interesting matter.