Motley Clue!

Photographer: Billy (

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  1. Exidor108 Says:

    Привет! А как правильно переводится Motley Crue? Пёстрый экипаж? :)

    Костюмчик забавно смотриться ;)

  2. Costumefan Says:

    You look great in this gorgeous zentai suit. What colour did you see the world as through the mask?

  3. NylonZentai Says:

    Very colorful suit :)

  4. VanMan Says:

    Wow! That is one wild-printed suit! Where did Billy get the material for that one? It almost looks like something Dani from has worn.

  5. TCPickle Says:

    Aurora you are a piece of artwork.

  6. lycracuda Says:

    Now that is colour at its finest. :-)

  7. ooozerboy Says:

    Very nice, great outfit. What’s the significance of using the word “clue” instead of “crew?” What the dickens are you up to, you beautiful, mysterious changeling? This is one of the things that I L O O O O O V E about your site —-your mysteriousness, your fantastic ability to totally change your appearance so completely and radically, and all the fantastic masks you wear. I’m starting to believe that you”re one of those enigmatic creatures of legend like a sprite, a shapeshifter or a trickster and I DIG it! OMG, I believe you and your marvelous photos have driven me totally insane!
    Yippee! Laughing Academy, here I come!!
    “Bye Aurora!

  8. zentai.carl Says:

    Really colourful outfit, and you dress in anything and make it look good. How was this outfit when you had to look through the rainbow?

  9. grey_cat Says:

    Rainbow! :)
    I in admiration!

  10. pixelscan Says:

    Yeah, I can’t wait until the secret behind the clue is revealed.

    It must have felt wonderful perched atop that frame with the blue sky, sun, and breeze in your face. You really look natural, like a piece of modern artwork – no one would second guess your motive for showing off your personality in that way.

    In the first photograph (the wide shot), I really like how you aren’t centered. It gives emphasis to the beautiful ocean view, and helps us experience how you saw the world while modeling.

    In the second photo (the tall shot), your pose is enticingly suggestive. I love the side view of the hood, with the seams running across the jawline, and then behind the ears – it really looks like a mask – cool.

    Wonderful photos. Please keep us guessing, Aurora!

  11. zentai.carl Says:

    Billy you are a true artist with the camera. The last couple of photos in this series look like it belongs to a Modern Art Gallery with the blue ocean, the white walls and this colourful creature that captures once imagination. I guess Aurora felt pretty good in the rainbow suit. I hope you had a wonderful time.

  12. zentai.carl Says:

    Hi Aurora,
    Are you out traveling again to some warm nice place? Any cats around? What type of new zentai suits for the next photos? What about a series of the zentai suits from your wardrobe; the one you like the most, the one you feel is the sexist the one, which is most comfortable, the smoothest and best fitting one and so on…? Have fun !!!

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