Fetish Party Night 5. Part8.

Our sweet cream & sugar babes!

7 Responses to “Fetish Party Night 5. Part8.”

  1. NylonZentai Says:

    Great legs and pantyhose.

  2. Costumefan Says:

    Lots of messy fun!

  3. VanMan Says:

    Talk about hot.

  4. Muke Says:

    Great girls!

  5. NylonZentai Says:

    Were there any pantyhose encasers?

  6. ooozerboy Says:

    Looks like they’re having LOTS of fun. Thank you SO MUCH for posting photos of your beautiful bald head a couple of postings ago.
    Is Halloween celebrated in Russia? If so, do you have any big plans for that occasion?
    Absolutely LOVE your photos, Aurora.

    “After I”ve spent a night out dinking, the next day I have to do two things: I have to locate my car . . . and I have to take back the car I took.” – -Rodney Dangerfield

  7. pixelscan Says:

    Boy, those little hats are adorable, too bad the photographer was sitting practically underneath the girls. (Perhaps there bigger advantages to that perspective, though.) The red-haired lady is an outstanding actor – she really appears at home in the performance.

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