Bondage show.

Some weeks ago I was modeling in a bondage performance. My role was helpless victim of terrible cannibals, caught to be a smoked dish for late dinner :-)

P.S No Aurora was harmed during this show.

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  1. pixelscan Says:

    What a lonely post – I’m surprised that no one has responded to this image. Aurora looks as lovely as ever, and I am glad that she was not eaten by the other participants of the show. Otherwise, we could not enjoy all of the other photographs. (But it does tempt us to imagine how an Aurora would taste!)

    And, I think it features our friend Billy (tying Aurora to be prepared for an upcoming meal). Billy is quite a fashion genius who is far ahead of his time, and I feel he doesn’t credit himself enough for the wonderful concepts he produces. Thank you Billy and Aurora!

  2. Billy Says:

    Oh :) Quite unexpected point of view ;) Pixelscan, I’m glad too that I kept myself and others from finding out how Aurora would taste :)

    Thank you for overestimating my talents, you’ve warmed my heart. Hope to keep you and other friends pleased with our insane art :)

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