First Vacbed Experience.

Preparation for BDSM Ball is going at full speed. At the last rehearsal I saw a new vacbed – and what do you think about my ability to miss the chance?!
I didn’t expect actually that not only keys in my pocket but my navel will be clearly outlined with latex! The feeling was close to a tight hug, and only the squeezed nose was causing some discomfort. So generally it was pretty good to be inside! :D

11 Responses to “First Vacbed Experience.”

  1. Tek Lok Says:

    wow lol i can see your pockets and everything.

  2. Tek Lok Says:

    reminds me of

  3. Costumefan Says:

    Have you tried to go inside a vacuum bed wearing full zentai yet? Could be another exciting adventure for you…..

  4. ooozerboy Says:

    Very neat way of displaying that stupendous body of yours. I especially like the way that your mouth is gaped open —- as if
    you’re shouting out the most ear-shattering primal scream that anyone’s ever heard. Very, very nice!

  5. VanMan Says:


    I think the next time she goes in, it’ll be wearing some sort of skin-tight article of clothing (dress, catsuit or zentai) or maybe even nothing.

  6. Tek Lok Says:

    i suppose it doesn’t matter what you wear since it seals you in skintight,

    maybe if it was a clear vacbed.

  7. janeseads Says:

    In your bdsm photos, have you ever had one taken where some guy was carrying you in his arms? being carried (maybe while tied up) would look awesome, old-fashioned groom “kidnapping” bride style

  8. VanMan Says:

    Maybe Billy can do that with her.

  9. TCPickle Says:

    I would have loved to beem sandwiched in there with you!

  10. Fenixxx Says:

    Такс, а разрешение на публикацию моей задницы на общее обозрение кто будет спрашивать? ))))))))
    Я ведь связан многочисленными контрактами, не позволяющими мне….

  11. asuka Says:

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