C’est Comme ça ;)

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  1. Vasilij Says:

    хотя это и не културно
    но хочет сказать
    красивые ножки
    и все
    в чем прикол?

  2. VanMan Says:

    What’s this? Old-style stockings with the seams running up the back of the leg?

  3. Aurora Says:

    Vasilij, см. заголовок :)

  4. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, look at the subject :)

  5. Vasilij Says:

    у меня с иностраным языком плохо

  6. tblazertn Says:

    The title phrase is in French, and translates literally into English as “It is like that”, but the “comme ça” part, when used as “comme ci, comme ça”, can be translated as “so-so” in English, so the subject could be translated “It is so”.

    The first idea that came to me after reading that was that Aurora could be pregnant, but then again, I could be wrong…

    Very pretty picture, nevertheless :)

  7. VanMan Says:

    Well, I don’t know French. Sue me! :-P

  8. Costumefan Says:

    Your long legs look so lovely in this short skirt, super-high heels and seamed stockings. But maybe you are wearing a complete skinsuit underneath?

    It would be beautiful to know whether you were completely encased in nylon….mmm….

  9. Tek Lok Says:

    although this is off topic, i just had a dream last night where it was a pantyhose commercial i guess, and the model was encased completely in shiny pantyhose.

  10. Tek Lok Says:

    well i guess it is on topic, but not with the image, idk, lol

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