Quicksilver statue on sand ;)

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  1. gakwy99 Says:

    very cool costume. How did you feel in it? Were you like a robot?

  2. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Стильный костюм!
    Мне очень понравилась фотография на пляже на фоне неба. Темные облака и серебристый костюм отлично друг друга дополняют. Очущение надвигающейся грозы :)

  3. grey_cat Says:

    Согласна со CTPAHHuKом.
    Сильно. Серебро и грозовое небо отрично гармонируют. Создается впечатление чего-то иреального.

  4. Costumefan Says:

    What a beautiful silver lady you make, Aurora. How well can you see with this metallic suit on?

  5. VanMan Says:

    You look very good in silver. Was it tough to see through metallic spandex?

  6. Ivan13 Says:

    Просто нет слов….

  7. Zicron Says:

    I back ^^

    Oh! is a exelent work, congratulations, you are a real profecional.

    My inglish is bad _-_

  8. lampassy Says:

    Hello Aurora. How are you? I do want to see all of you on Stylish Fetish. But I have to see the message of “ERROR/The Site is not active. /Try Again” on the “Join the members area” page. I do hope you will check the page on inter-net. I am little bit sad. Because I have to wait for see you, yes “Silver lady” Costumefan said, on the website of S/F with patience. Thank you.

  9. rachel Says:

    Truthfully, Lady A., I wish I had what you’ve got.


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