Nylon, Latex and the Sea!

Aurora in the waves :)

Russians are saying: “Don’t make love on Red Square – you’ll get tired out with people’s advices!” That was definitely not Red Square and even not Russia but the joke worked out just fine! :D

8 Responses to “Nylon, Latex and the Sea!”

  1. grey_cat Says:


  2. VanMan Says:

    I don’t get the saying. Nice shots, though.

  3. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Красивое сочетание черного с синим! Да и сам мокрый костюм великолепно смотрится!
    И что же зеваки вам с Маратом советовали? ;)

  4. nylonzentai Says:

    Nice black suit

  5. Wynter Says:

    Beauty incarnate …

    Your stunning, and wonderful choices of clothing (thoughtout the site).

  6. urbancat Says:

    Мокрый нейлон это что то :)

  7. atari22 Says:

    prjatnoje awiuwenije v mokrom nylone v pliaze :)

  8. Lorenss Says:

    Классные фотографии красивой девчонки.
    Nice to see you again ;)

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