Golden Figurine.

Small figurine for a writing-table. :)

6 Responses to “Golden Figurine.”

  1. VanMan Says:

    Nice one there, Aurora. Billy just alerted me to the picture just a minute ago. You two are da bomb!

  2. Dosman! Says:

    Wow, you look amazing as a statue. As someone who has become a living statue fan, I think you look very beautiful this way. I can’t wait to see more. What did you think of the experience, Aurora?

  3. grey_cat Says:

    Beautifully! I am subdued! @}->– miau :-*

  4. tony Says:

    Why, oh why, there isn’t more girls with fetish like this? Beautiful Aurora! :)

  5. qwasded Says:

    i want this small figurine into my writing-table… ;)

  6. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    Puts me in mind of the work of my all-time favourite sculptor Demetre Chiparus. Please feel free to take that idea for a theme…

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