Aurora And Morra Saving The World.

OK, now it’s time to tell the truth. I’m secret agent for the Special Fetish Squad, together with my partner Morra.
Today we have saved the world again from the great non-fetish danger!

5 Responses to “Aurora And Morra Saving The World.”

  1. VanMan Says:

    Aurora looks like she’s a Russian mix of Laura Croft and James Bond. Me likey.

  2. alaingdl Says:

    Great shoot, most beautifull clothes. Congratulations.
    I should want to see more like that, and perheaps a day, make this kind of shoots too.

  3. sweaty Says:

    we need to see some more of Morra!

    i love the latex and guns. you do need some trigger discipline though. :)

  4. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Kill em all! :)
    Такие агенты проникнут куда угодно и смогут втереться в доверие к кому угодно ;)

  5. ozlycragirl Says:

    You are one of the few people who wear rubber correctly!!! very very tight and really shiny. Would love to know how long it takes you to get in such a tight rubber catsuit. and if you just wear it round the house. Keep up the great work esp covered in rubber!!!!!

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