March 8.

Today is the International Women’s Day! Men are greeting us ladies, present mimosas, tulips, and other nice gifts. My favourite designer Billy has made an unusual present that I can’t stand to demonstrate! It’s black rubber keyboard which I will use to keep my diary up and running!!!
I also would like to greet all my female readers with this sunny day of spring!!! :D

14 Responses to “March 8.”

  1. Landini Says:

    Every day is a sunny day when I see new pictures of you!!

  2. MikkaF Says:

    это латекс? кто производитель?

  3. Costumefan Says:

    What a great present from Billy. Nice to see you can still type okay although you’re wearing the tight gloves of the yummy latex catsuit….nice work, Aurora!

  4. Sutasu Says:

    C праздником, дорогая Аврора! :) Пусть близкие люди не забывают, что для того, чтобы сделать тебе приятное, не нужно ждать 8-го марта :-) ))

  5. maxlatexit Says:

    Dear latex Princess Aurora ,
    whit this latex keyboard you can write only fetish and latex page on your diary.
    I send you my gift ….. of latex kisses, only for you from Italy.

    ps ops …. I forget the last… are not …but are

  6. Tek Lok Says:

    oh neat. I suppose you can roll up the keyboard for easy storage. Also the suit matches well with the keyboard.

  7. Maggie Says:

    I just subscribed to the fetish site and I am so impressed with your work!

    Do you have some time that we can talk about how to wear ballet heels?

  8. CTPAHHuK Says:

    С прошедшим праздником! Пусть каждый день будет таким же солнечным!
    Забавная клавиатура )) Отличный костюм! Если бы еще маска была посимпатичней ))

  9. closetmonster Says:

    Very nice! The keyboard looks pretty cool. As does that outfit you’re in. It looks like it was sprayed on.

    So…for your birthday, is Billy going to make you a desk? Lol

  10. VanMan Says:

    I’m wondering how that keyboard works, whether that thing is as flexible as it looks in the pictures, too.

  11. ozlycragirl Says:

    that suit looks so tight. Whats it like too wear

  12. Userjesse Says:

    Beautiful as always, love your outfits! ^.~

  13. helio feijo cabral braga avancini Says:

    não tenho website mas tu é linda maravilhosa uma modelo não uma obra de arte amo o latex respiro latex sou um fetichista de alma tu é minha musa minha inpiração que vive no meu coraçao beijos teu sempre amigo helio

  14. helio feijo cabral braga avancini Says:


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