Latex Walk.

I’ve been telling you already about the Arbat st., the “open club” for youth on Moscow. Also there are many performers and artists showing off every day. This time I was there with my friend, Girl_of_tattoo, and we even took an adventure to make a portrait of me.
It resembles me well, doesn’t it? :)

Photographer: Billy (

6 Responses to “Latex Walk.”

  1. zentaimas Says:

    funny drawing :) )!!

  2. VanMan Says:

    Love the charicature! You do look like otherwordly in black latex.

  3. NylonZentai Says:

    :) love the caricature.

  4. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Интересное сочетание создают ваши сцепленные пальцы в красном и чёрном латексе. Это мне почему-то больше всего бросилось в глаза :)
    А карикатура, мне не понравилась. Как-то оно уж сильно не похоже и нарисовано по-детски. Ну, это моё имхо :)

  5. Costumefan2 Says:

    Three classic Aurora looks – wigged, bald and masked. And the portrait is great – he’s a talented artist…..hope he enjoyed your choice of costume!

  6. pixelscan Says:

    Boy, arbatlat2.jpg is wonderful! The way your shadow falls between your legs resembles James Bond’s “bond girls”. And, the expression on your face makes you look just like a doll – how beautiful. I also like how everyone around you acts so nonchalant, as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I bet you felt liberated.

    Girl_of_tattoo is very pretty – I’m surprised she’s not showing off any tattoos. I like how you provide descriptions of the locations where you take your photographs. I think I even found the Hard Rock Cafe on Google maps.

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