Vacation report: Souvenirs and Latex.

I’m choosing what to take for memory.

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  1. Costumefan Says:

    Hope you found some nice souvenirs….

    You’re looking so neat in the red latex dress!

  2. pixelscan Says:

    The photograph itself is the best souvenir (at least in my opnion). Thanks, Aurora!

  3. Aurora Says:

    Costumefan, pixelscan, I love to share those photo-souvenirs with you.

  4. Querthe Says:

    did the seller or some other persons say you something about your attire?

    Effectively your vacation photos are a wonderful thing to see, so fresh and happy. Thank you!

  5. Aurora Says:

    Querthe, what’s wrong with my attire? ;)

  6. Querthe Says:

    Well, for me nothing, if not that I’m quite ready to howl as a crazy werewolf…
    Joking apart, an attire as your here in Italy as minimum stops the traffic.

  7. Aurora Says:

    Querthe, oh, really? OK, next time I go to Italy! :lol:

  8. Querthe Says:

    Well, I tried with a friend of mine, and quite people called police only becuase she was dressed with a pair of black opera gloves in latex, a white cotton T-shirt and a pair of jeans with sneakers. Crazy, crazy people we are…

  9. fromparis Says:


    sure someone has already asked for it but where did you get this stunning dress ?

    Warm kiss

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