Feeling Warm and Wet.

In any country and in any town it’s great to stroll the streets, have a break in a nice cafe, or hang out in a disco. But in places near sea, one must swim, lay on sand in the surf and enjoy warm waves that gently and lazily caress the body….

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  1. NylonZentai Says:

    Nice, nice! Realy good pictures! And realy nice pantyhose. I like the last one best.

  2. TrevorGoodchild Says:

    Seconded: the last one is superbly staged, with the rippling light effects and the symmetry of the reflection, to say nothing of the enigmatic and sexy pose… The other two are lovely, though, and I certainly have no objection to seeing you covered in wet sand. ;) Where is this beach, btw? Quite a warm country, I would assume.

  3. ChromaKey Says:

    great, Aurora!
    great work of the photographer, a great place and a beautiful model
    most of all I like the last one, the composition and the environment are perfect,
    and the reflection
    and your hand
    I think better it just couldn’t be
    did it take a long time for water to freeze?

  4. CTPAHHuK Says:

    Больше всего понравилась третья фотография, где ты стоишь изогнувшись над водой. Кошачья грация, отражение на воде и блики на теле – под стекло и на письменный стол.

  5. zentai.carl Says:

    Nice smile in the water and sand. Have a good time!

  6. Costumefan Says:

    The third photo is really beautiful, with the latex swimsuit shining and the reflection so clear in the water. By the way, you have some great wigs now, every one showing you in a different way. This red-blond wig sets off your lovely tanned face and body very well.
    So, keep on changing! It is fascinating to guess what you might look like next…..

  7. pixelscan Says:

    Yeah, I agree with everyone that the last image has some great artistic quality, but I also think the first two images tell a story. The tide pool looks almost prehistoric – kind of like an area where life began.

    Maybe most of us were destined to follow the arduous path of evolution, but what if Aurora just rose from the sand? Fully-evolved, with a smug little grin sneering our astonishment. (I get a warm and wet feeling thinking about that.)

    By the way, neat pantyhose, Aurora…

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