Old Aurora.

That’s the way I will look when I get very old.

7 Responses to “Old Aurora.”

  1. TCPickle Says:

    There is NO WAY you will look like this!

  2. Aurora Says:

    TCPickle, :D

  3. VanMan Says:

    You’re not going to look like that when you get old! You might get a laugh line here or there, but your face is NOT going to turn into a prune!

  4. lycra Says:

    you seem to have a very hold face, but you have always a very beautiful body, aurora

  5. Vasilij Says:

    класная шутка
    good fun

  6. Aurora Says:

    VanMan, lycra, I hope so!

  7. yaceck Says:

    jaga1.jpg :) sounds like “baba jaga” :)

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